Frequently Asked Questions

What does Synergy do?

Synergy Direct Solution is an Internet marketing company specializing in custom website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, graphic design, email newsletters, and Google Analytics for several markets. We are the only one stop shop for internet marketing.

Who are Synergy’s customers?

We provide Internet marketing solutions for small to medium sized business.

Where is Synergy Direct Solution located?

We’re located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California.

What is the work environment like at Synergy Direct Solution?

Synergy Direct Solution provides a fun and exciting atmosphere. Our representatives are highly enthusiastic and confident sales professionals who are passionate about advertising and marketing. With our superior sales training and our epic team building events Synergy Direct Solution offers personal and professional growth while providing opportunities for advancement.

How does Synergy Direct Solution differ from competitors?

Unlike our competitors, we have an unlimited number of vertical markets that our products and services have proven their results. We offer a complete, customizable marketing package that includes a website, traffic, branding, and reporting to ensure the success of our clients and their campaigns.

How do I benefit from being a Synergy Direct Solution employee?

• Competitive Base Pay
• High Commission Rate (make what your worth)
• High energy atmosphere
• Growth Opportunities

How can I gain the opportunity to be considered for an open position with Synergy Direct Solution?

Be hungry, positive, and enthusiastic. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, whatever it takes attitude, and pursuing excellence is required.