Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters


Could your sales team be more productive with Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters? How is your sales team structured? Do you have closers and openers? How many appointments do you generate from one opener? Do your closers cold call to generate their own leads? Do you think your closers should spend most of their time with qualified prospects or should they be making 300 or more cold calls per day? Synergy can help you increase your sales with Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters!

The truth is that Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters can increase your sales team’s production.  The best lenders and loan brokers spend their time dealing with qualified borrowers that are ready to talk about getting a loan for their business. By leveraging Synergy’s Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters you will dramatically decrease your cost per acquisition and your closers will be more productive, make more money, and generate more profits for your business. Here at Synergy we have been developing quality Merchant Cash Advance Leads and Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters to begin the relationship, start building rapport, and to set your closers up for success. How much more valuable can your closers be in this situation?


This is really a great question. Lets use this example. Lets say you have a sales rep that pounds out 300 plus calls per day. When that agent is cold calling off of Manta’s business directory or the Yellowpages he or she can generate a 1% interest level. This means that agent typically calls 300 plus people each day and generates about 3 MCA appointments. Now lets say the same agent calls on aged MCA leads. Due to the fact that these borrowers come back over and over throughout the life of their business, it is safe to say that the interest level will be far higher than 1%. We find the interest level grows to 5-10% when calling on aged MCA leads. So now this same agent calls 300 plus people per day and is now generating 15-30 interested borrowers. Now of course the talk time will go up so the number of calls will drop a bit but you get the idea. The same thing is true for appointment setters because now you are adding in some already pre-qualified appointments for your closers to call in addition to whatever they are generating themselves. Our Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters save you closers time and make them more profitable!

Merchant Cash Advance Appointment Setters can improve your sales!


Our Merchant Cash Advance leads are double verified. We start by calling on merchant cash advance data, UCC lists, email requests, click funnel prospects and internet leads. We have hundreds of lead generation websites… each with a call to action. We run massive email campaigns as well as pay per click advertising on all major search engines. All synergy websites are Search Engine Optimized for organic placement on all major search engines. We do radio, TV, direct mail, and we run many other types of creative marketing campaigns. One big reason why our MCA Appointments are so good is that we do our own internal marketing rather than just reselling other venders leads.

Once we have an interested borrower our agents confirm the lead details over the phone. On this call they confirm all of the information seen below. These calls take about 10-15 minutes so the borrower must be interested to take that kind of time to answer these questions. The lead details are then sent to Quality Control for review. Quality Control reviews each lead against a proprietary critique system in order to ensure our MCA Leads are always of the highest quality. Quality is the sole focus while cultivating our Merchant Cash Advance Appointments. The leads are then sent to you via email with all the lead details as well as the appointment time. When you get the lead emailed to you the borrower is also receiving a reminder email for the appointment.


  • Contact Name
  • Contact Business Phone Number
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • Contact Fax Number
  • Contact Email
  • Requested Amount
  • Why do they want the funds?
  • How many loans do they have right now?
  • What are the balances of the loans they have now?
  • Are they the owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  • How long have they been the owner?
  • Do they need the money right away? Must answer yes!
  • Do they deposit $10,000 or more per month? Must answer yes!
  • Do they process credit cards?
  • What do they think their credit score is right now?
  • Do they have any equity that can be used as collateral?
  • If they have equity, are they 50% paid down on their mortgage?
  • Have they had issues getting approved within the last 30 days?
  • What is the best time for the lender or broker to call you back?


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