Merchant Cash Advance Data


The right Merchant Cash Advance Data can increase your sales team’s production by more than FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT.  Here at Synergy we have been developing the highest quality Merchant Cash Advance Data as well as other marketing for lenders and loan brokers. Could your Merchant Cash Advance Data be better? Although you may be able to save some money by purchasing data that is more than a year old… you may not get the results. When it comes to aged business loan leads it is important to get the aged leads from a reputable source. Beware of aged MCA lead companies that are located overseas as they typically sell their data to hundreds of places at the same time. With Synergy we cycle our data when it is sold to prevent watering down the effectiveness of the leads. Give us a shot and you can judge for yourself!

Our Merchant Cash Advance Data is double verified. We start by calling on merchant cash advance data, UCC lists, email requests, click funnel prospects and internet leads.Merchant Cash Advance Data can improve your sales!Synergy owns and manages hundreds of lead generation websites that contain call to action lead forms. We drive traffic by running massive email campaigns as well as pay per click advertising on all major search engines. All Synergy websites are Search Engine Optimized for organic placement on all major search engines as well.

Once we have an interested borrower our agents confirm the lead details over the phone. On this call they confirm all of the information. The lead details are then sent to Quality Control for review. Quality Control reviews each lead against a proprietary critique system in order to ensure our MCA Leads are always of high quality. These agents do not generate leads, they do not cold call, they are not incentivized by reaching a certain number of leads. Their singluar task is to ensure our leads are quality leads that our buyers expect. Quality is our primary focus while cultivating our Merchant Cash Advance Data.

We have several options for your sales team. If you are looking for Merchant Cash Advance Data to have your sales team cold calling then we recommend our Aged Leads for your Merchant Cash Advance Data. You just load it into your dialer and let your sales people go to work. We have specials from time to time so don’t hesitate to ask about our promotional pricing.

Aged Leads:

  • Minimum Order is $1,000
  • Discount Pricing Available on Bulk Orders
  • 2017 Data – $0.30 per lead
  • 2018 Data – $0.50 per lead
  • 2019 Data – Call For Pricing


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