Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers


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Synergy is proud to announce that we are offering Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers! Get qualified and responsive Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers sent directly to your call center every day! Let your closers go to work closing deals rather than having them cold calling all day long. Imagine the difference in your production, employee retention, and your companies growth.


synergy_medical_leads_3bCORONOVIRUS INDUSTRY LEADS 

Synergy is now offering medical industry leads to help you increase approvals!


Medical Offices, Nursing facilities, medical staffing, pharmacies, medical transport, medical suppliers, assisted living, and funeral homes.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers can increase your team’s production by 500%.  Here at Synergy we have been developing high quality Merchant Cash Advance Live transfers as well as other marketing for lenders and ISOs. We have clients taking five merchant cash advance live transfers and we have companies taking twenty-five merchant cash advance live transfers daily.

Our Merchant Cash Advance live transfers are double verified. We start by calling on merchant cash advance data, UCC lists, aged leads and internet leads. We have hundreds of lead generation websites that yield real time Internet Leads. We run massive email campaigns as well as pay per click advertising on all major search engines.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers can increase your sales!


  • Contact Name
  • Contact Business Phone Number
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • Contact Fax Number
  • Contact Email
  • Requested Amount
  • Why do they want the funds?
  • What state are they located in?
  • What industry are they in?
  • How many loans do they have right now?
  • What are the balances of the loans they have now?
  • Are they the owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  • How long have they been the owner?
  • Do they need the money right away? Must answer yes!
  • Do they deposit $10,000 or more per month? Must answer yes!
  • Do they process credit cards?
  • What do they think their credit score is right now?
  • Do they have any equity that can be used as collateral?
  • If they have equity, are they 50% paid down on their mortgage?
  • Have they had issues getting approved within the last 30 days?
  • What is the best time for the lender or broker to call you back?


At this point our agents will transfer the merchant cash advance live transfers to your center using a phone number you give us for the transfer. We will introduce you and the borrower and then let your sales people run with it. Remember, we pitch this offer to the borrower like we are for business owners and lenders in the industry. You are a lender in our network and we have found a match for you.

The lead details are then sent to Quality Control for review. Quality Control reviews each MCA Live Transfer against a proprietary critique system in order to ensure our MCA Leads are always high quality. Of course you have already received the lead as a live call but we still maintain the Quality Control system with any and all of our leads.

After Quality Control accepts the MCA Lead as a Qualified Lead you will receive an email with the details.


We will allow you to return leads that have any of the following issues:

  • No longer interested
  • Already funded & no need now
  • Currently in a BK
  • Depositing less than $10,000 per month over the last 4 months
  • Phone number disconnected or contact name not matching phone number
  • Sub 500 FICO
  • Less than 6 months in business
  • Merchant is defaulting on another advance


Call us at 866-428-0172


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