“The team at Synergy Direct Solution have always done what they promised and then some. Any time I need something from a change of wording on my website to new pictures they are on it. I have emailed them a picture from a job, and when I got back to the office it was up on the website. I have been promised the moon by other companies, and needless to say they never delivered. The team of Synergy Direct Solutions are honest, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of the companies out there in this line of work. I recommend them 100%.”

JayWuchter, Choreboy Carpet Cleaners

“In the later part of June 2010 the business I work for, Central Valley Lock & Safe, was contacted by Jason at Synergy Direct Solution.  Jason explained that with his company’s expertise in advertising that he could rebuild our horrible website have us on the first page of google within a week and it should make the phone ring more.  I decided to give it a shot!  A week after Jason first contacted me our company and website was on the first page of google.  Three months later, I am pleased to say that we are slammed!  Our 1-800# bill, this is the # on our website, has doubled.  We bought another service vehicle, and we are getting ready to hire another technician.  Thanks Kyle, Jason and Synergy Direct Solution for a job well done.  We now have a great website and are on the front page of google.  It is exciting to watch the business grow substantially.”

Jamie Robertson, Central Valley Lock & Safe

“Synergy Direct Solutions helped my family owned and operated get off the ground by building our company website, company logo and explaining in great detail the Internet search engine options that would be the best fit for our type of business.

                                                                                                                 Joseph Quattrocci, Heavy Hitters Warehouse


“Our experience with Synergy Direct Solution has been AWESOME! After a week of being their customer, our new website was up and running and our phones started ringing with NEW customers that found us on the internet. I cannot say enough about their job well done! Thank You Synergy Team!”

                                                                                                                   George Henderson, Valley Lock & Key


“Synergy Direct Solutions is a small business owner’s best friend. When I started the process a few years ago opening up my small business they helped me with our web design, company logo and with our Internet search engines. Synergy Direct Solutions didn’t stop there because they have always been there with new marketing ideas and just overall great support when needed.”

                                                                                                                   Madison Sparks, Sparkling Pools


“Synergy Direct offers helpful customer service, a professional site, the opportunity for new clients through Pay-per-click advertising”

                                                                                                                  Samantha Reed, Clean Freaks


“They have been fantastic to work with and helped my small company achieve all our website and online marketing goals. Pricing is perfect and someone is always available to help, update and keep you informed on their newest products. I have enjoyed working with them and would recommend to anyone.”

Alyssa Reilly, College Ticketing

“Synergy Direct Solutions has been great to work with. They do a fantastic job and help achieve all goals that our company has set. They work in a timely manner and are always available for any questions, concerns or changes necessary. Their customer service is the best, someone is always available to help and in a professional manner.”

Shannon Gunderson, The Chiropractic Office

“A Customer’s Review with to many people is based on their decisions about trying a new restaurant, switching to a different bank or engaging the services of a PR firm by researching what others have already written about their own experiences with those entities. A business review to me is a narrative report card that addresses the quality of a company’s products and/or service so that the newcomers can make an informed choice as to whether it’s a good match for their needs or business. My name is Albert Campolattaro & I am the owner of A Nu-Life Carpet Sales & Cleaning, in New Jersey. I want to express my on going support & my relationship with Synergy Direct Solutions for a great web-site & the placement on Goggle. I never had a web-site done before & I guess I was more the old school & advertised in the local phone books for my area for many years. I have been in business since 1974 & the times are harder than ever before to stay afloat.  Synergy has made it easier to compete in an ever changing business world.  Thank you Synergy!”

Albert Campolattaro, A Nu-Life Carpet