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Google Adwords Rotation

Solution Google Adwords is a campaign that allows you to get exposure to local customers while limiting your investment. Your ads will be shown on a rotating basis throughout the day in order to maximize your daily spending limit and your exposure. If you are trying to view your ad and are not seeing yourself it may be due to the following:

1) Your daily spending limit has been reached. Increasing your daily budget can allow you to get more clicks and thus more exposure every day.
2) Your credit card on file has been declined.
3) Your ad has generated sufficient historical data that tells us that your ad will not get clicked during this time of the day.

Remember, Google Adwords is a real time bidding environment which means the cost per click may be higher at some times and lower at others. Synergy Direct Solution is being hired to manage your cost per click, keywords, and your adverting messages in an effort to maximize your advertising returns.

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