Website Demo

Website Demo

Synergy has a website demo for each industry that we work with. We are a trueWeb Design Agency. You’ll find website demos for contractors, chiropractors, plumbers and more. For each website demo we have a theme. Each theme has some restrictions but all themes can be customized to your liking. You can add pages, add graphic images, and create online forms with any website demo. Before we get into the website demo we want to explain what makes a website a good website.

Website Demo – Traditional Marketing vs Internet Marketing 

Traditional marketing like the yellowpages is old school. Most people don’t use the yellowpages anymore. Back then you would just grab a phone book and look for the service you needed. Each company would be listed alphabetically. Now with internet marketing each company should have a website that explains the services they offer in great detail. You can see what previous clients have to say about this business.

Website Demo – Center of Your Marketing Campaign 

Here at Synergy we like to say a website is the center of your marketing campaign. What we mean is your website ties everything else together. Your business cards should have your domain name on them. Your receipt and invoice should have your domain name on them. If you have a vehicle wrap it should have your domain name on it.  Everything you do for marketing should have your domain name on it. This is important because you want to generate leads. In order to do that you need people to fill out an online form.

Website Demo – Face of Your Organization

A website is the face of your organization. People get their first impression from your website. Your site needs to look professional and be easy to navigate. You’ll want to answer common questions and make it easy to get in touch with you. Below we will look at these points as well as others.