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Synergy Direct Solution has many different clients from various industries. Some of our clients need a dialer solution. Many of our clients hire work from home staff. This can be difficult to manage people from far away. How can you ensure they are making calls? Do you know exactly how many calls they are making? What is holding them back from getting more sales? Without proper reporting or being right next to your reps it can be a serious challenge to successfully manage them. With our hosted dialer solution it is possible!

Synergy’s auto dialer is a fantastic telephone solution for any business. You can make predictive calls or manual calls. You can call up to five lines per agent making it possible to call hundreds of prospects per day. The dialer is full of great reporting tools as well. You can quickly see how many calls each agents makes, what they did with the calls, and you can even listen to the calls later. The reports track call time, idle time, and wait time. The reports track and time stamp each call. You can easily get to the recordings section to listen to calls.

One of the best features in the dialer is the call monitoring section. From the call monitoring section you can see what’s happening in real time. You can listen to the calls as they are happening and you can even jump in for a conference call. This feature is great for training agents to be the best they can be!

Many dialer solutions can cost up to $500 per month. You can spend more than that if you want the most advanced dialer features.

Predictive Dialer Features:


  • CSV or Excel file upload to create campaigns
  • The ability to create custom fields within the dialer
  • The ability to create and manage multiple campaigns at once
  • Setting time zones and setting call time restrictions
  • Setting user privileges
  • The ability to customize user appearances
  • Web phone or SIP phone compatibility
  • Set your caller ID phone number and/or name
  • Make predictive calls and also make manual dials for call backs
  • Schedule user specific call backs
  • Coaching, listening, conference calls, taking over calls, and transferring calls
  • The ability to use an inbound DID# for inbound campaigns
  • Inbound and outbound blended campaigns
  • Internal DNC list that you can manually enter numbers, set the DNC disposition, or upload a CSV or Excel file with all previous DNC numbers
  • Reports on connect time, talk time, number of dials made, etc
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and custom date reports available
  • Easily accessible call logs and recordings

Predictive dialers use algorithms and calculations to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. Your telephone agents won’t be waiting for the client to answer or listening to long voicemails. Now they will be able to make hundreds of calls per day with ease. A successful sales team must have the right tolls. A dialer is a critical tool for sales people to be productive.

How much is it? It depends on how many users you want. See more information on pricing below:


Price Per User – $150 per predictive dialer user

What else do you need? Not much… you’ll need leads, a computer, decent internet, and a headset with a microphone. 



Price Per User – $350 per predictive dialer user – BUSINESS LOAN DATA INCLUDED!!!

You’ll get everything that comes with the dialer package and also the data for you to call. We provide 25,000 new aged business loan leads per month so you’ll never run out of data.  

What else do you need? Not much… a computer, decent internet, and a headset with a microphone. 




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