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Virtual Agents For Hire

Many of our clients have reached out to ask about virtual agents. Many lenders are switching from an office to work from home solutions. We offer this service! If you need telemarketers for your business you’ve come to the right place. Many clients would rather have virtual agents than buying leads from other sources. With virtual agents you can filter leads any way you want. You can be selective! If you only want 600 or higher credit scores than add it to the script. If you want 3 years in business or more just add it to the script. This product allows you to choose your filters and get the leads you really want.

What Do You Get With Virtual Agents?

  • Pre-Trained Agent
  • Reads Your Script
  • Cold Calls
  • Generates Live Transfers Leads
  • Generates Appointment Leads
  • Drives People To Your Website
  • Sends Company Emails
  • Follows Up On Leads
  • Includes Agent Dialer Access (Synergy’s Dialer)
  • Includes Manager Dialer Access (For You)
  • You Can Listen To Live Calls or Recordings
  • You Can View Agent Productivity Reports
  • You Can Load Leads, Manage Campaigns
  • You Can Create Custom Dispositions
  • You Can Create Custom Database Fields
  • and much more

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Virtual Agents Increase Productivity

There are a lot of added costs when you have employees. With employees you have to pay taxes. With employees you have rent, utilities, telephone, and internet costs. You have to buy a computer and phones and office supplies. These costs add up and make it difficult to make a profit. Many business owners are laser focused on cutting costs that they can cut. A penny saved is a penny earned!

Virtual agents come with everything you need. They have a dialer, computer, and a headset. They have internet and they work from home.

What Can Virtual Agents Do?

Our virtual agents are pre trained. They are already trained to cold call, set appointments, and transfer leads to a closer. These types of jobs are comfortable for them. They can also send emails, help with data entry, or help with marketing. They can do anything you teach them to do.

Your virtual agents can follow the same system we use if you want leads. Or you can design a completely new process for them to follow.



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