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What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is also called online marketing or content marketing. We like to think of these as “inbound” marketing techniques. When people want to find something they use a cell phone and do a Google search.

Inbound marketing allows you to attract the people who are already looking for you. When comparing this to “outbound” marketing you will see that “outbound” marketing is really pushing your product on people whom you sought out rather than allowing people to find you.

Internet vs Traditional Advertising?

Traditional marketing is intrusive and obstructive. Internet marketing focuses on the customers trying to find you right now!

Synergy Direct Solution LLC offers many different internet marketing solutions:

Internet Marketing – Websites

Your website is the foundation for your internet marketing. It really is the center of your marketing campaign and without a website you can’t really build a successful Internet Marketing campaign.

A good website design gets the visitors attention within 7 seconds or less, takes less than 2 seconds to load, has an easy navigation, and graphics and content that make using the website user friendly. Websites should have contact forms, contact information, and they should include a logo and a brand image.

Internet Marketing – Logo Design

Your logo is the overall summation of your business. It should immediately tell your potential clients about who you are, what you do, ad how you do it. Your logo should be simple but elegant and it should get to the point.


Internet Marketing – Graphics

Banners & Graphics can tell your website visitors much more than a few words. You know the old adage “a picture tells a thousand words” and in this case it is absolutely true. There are many different types of graphics that you can use and each one accomplishes a different task. Banners use motion and direct attention to a specific part of a page.

Spokesperson Videos

A spokesperson video can really help to explain what is is you do. Many people don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph to learn about your products or services. In this day and age we are all lazy because technology has made things far too easy for us.

Think of the last time you saw someone read an encyclopedia to get an answer to a question. Why would you do that now? You would be far faster by pulling out your phone and searching for the information on Google or another search engine of your choice.

Videos and explainer videos are going to be the future of internet marketing and their popularity will continue to grow. Get on board or get lost in the dust!

Internet Marketing & Search Engines

There are a couple different ways that you can advertise on search engines. One way is absolutely free to do and everyone that has a website should be doing this now. The free way to drive traffic using search engines is by adding online business directories for your business.

You should go to Manta, Merchant Circle, Superpages, Yahoo, Google, Kudzo, the BBB, Yelp, and City Search to setup your free business profile. On each profile you should include your website and BOOM… you’ve just added several ways for potential clients to get to your website.

Another way to drive people to your website is through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the way to drive organic traffic on search engines. This is by far the most highly sought after traffic. Lastly, you can drive traffic through pay per click advertising or Google Adwords.


Website Design

Logo Design

Banner / Graphic Design

Commercial / Spokesperson Videos

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing


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