Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Synergy has been selling Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads since 2013. Many of our clients have tried other vendors exclusive leads and have been disappointed. Furthermore, they feel that the leads they purchased were not exclusive. We understand your concerns about Merchant Cash Advance Leads being oversold. But there’s a certain trust that every lender has to have with their Exclusive Lead Company. In many of these cases we hear that trust has broken down with companies that sell Merchant Cash Advance Leads.

Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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Ruben Daley

The communication and customer service is second to none. I’ve purchased leads from many companies and Synergy Direct seems to be a better value than the others. I receive a good return on my investment and have ordered many times.

Bobby Kakesh

Working with Synergy Direct Solution has been great for the past few years! They have great live transfers along with appointment leads. I will continue using their services. Keep up the good work Guys!!

Versa Business Tips

This company is the best live transfer company I have ever come across and I have tried many!!

Nicole Smith

Working with Synergy Direct Solution is awesome. I am very happy with the leads they’re providing me. Leads quality is exemplary and flawless.I will definitely order again with Synergy Direct Solution. 100% Recommended. Great Job Guys!

Brad LabelleRose

Synergy helped me get my business back on track and flowing in a more profitable direction again. I can’t thank you enough for this! I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about their business succeeding.

Paul Vox

Synergy helped me by providing quality leads. We have been using their appointment leads for several months now and I’ve closed more loans with Synergy leads than any other source. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’ve got a client for life!

George Rodriguez

I bought live transfers from Synergy and I was skeptical at first. I’ve wasted a ton of time and money on bad lead companies. However, on my first order of live transfers I closed an MCA for $200,000!!! Cha-ching!!! Never going anywhere else. They replace leads and their support is amazing. Try them yourself and you’ll see. 

Angie Pennington

I think that Synergy does a great job. When I call to ask questions about my account I am always able to reach a live person! Unlike these companies now that make you talk to a robot all the time. Great knowledge and very helpful with the guys at Synergy! I love their business loan leads and wold recommend them to anyone in the loan or MCA industry. 

Jimmy Simpson

Synergy built me a website and they drive traffic. I get appointment leads and live transfers. All I can say is FINALLY, I found a good company for leads and marketing. I spent far too much money on bad leads. Because Synergy has no minimum orders they earned my business. But it was their quality that keeps me coming back!

Edward Desmondo

I Absolutely LOVE Synergy’s live transfers! They connect me to a live borrower who is looking for funding. Before the transfer the agent qualifies the lead and preps them for the call. Seriously the best leads I’ve ever bought and I am staying with Synergy for the long hall!

Scott Cunningham

I don’t normally leave reviews but Kyle at Synergy has gone way beyond expectations! Mr. Readdick helped me with lenders, the funding application, and a script. I received information and education BEFORE I bought leads. I would recommend him to anyone that is trying to break into the industry!








It's been an uphill battle getting lenders to try new lead companies. The problem started with overseas companies offering exclusive MCA leads. For example, an overseas company may tell you that they sell Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads. But if they can change their name next week they don't really care if you're happy or not. They tell you the leads are ready to buy and ready to be sold. Sounds perfect right? But don't believe everything you hear!

These companies are selling these leads to ten different places at the exact same time. You have to understand that new brokers pop up every single day. Everyone is jumping into the industry because they can make 10-20% on a loan! But this is the lead companies gold rush too. There is an over supply of newbies getting into this industry and they don't know how to recognize the warning signs from bad lead companies.

Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads & Minimum Orders

Many lead companies that sell Exclusive Cash Advance Leads require a minimum order. For example, to try them out you'll need to spend a minimum of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Therefore, if you start taking the leads and you don't like them you will be forced to continue until those bad leads are all used up. Congratulations, you've just wasted $1,000 on a bad lead vender. In our opinion, you shouldn't have to buy a large number of leads. Furthermore, if these companies really believe their leads work then why wouldn't they drop the minimums? The answer, they don't believe in their own leads. 

Overseas Companies That Also Broker MCA Deals

Don't fall for overpromises made by overseas lead companies. Do your homework and you'll see what we're saying is true. Some overseas companies are also brokers. In particular, they take the best leads and try to collect the package for a submission. Then, they try to get them funded and make a commission. But wait, what does this mean for you if you buy their leads? It means that you are getting the worst leads while they cherry pick the ones that can actually make you money. 








To emphasize this, the overseas lead companies will take the best leads for themselves. Additionally, the Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads they send out are actually going to as many as 10 companies. These companies start racking up complaints. Nevertheless, these companies change their name once it's been trashed online. 

Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads - The Synergy Difference

Read more about how Synergy works. For instance, we've written countless articles for the business loan industry. In detail, we've written articles about the lead companies in the industry, articles about different types of leads, and articles about top lenders in the industry. Likewise, we've written several other articles to help our brokers get more sales. You won't be disappointed by trying us out. Check out our merchant cash advance live transfers, merchant cash advance appointments, or our aged merchant cash advance leads. Unlike the shady overseas companies, we really offer Exclusive Merchant Advance Leads. Besides that, we are cheaper than the competition because we do our own internal marketing. 

Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

If you're looking to save some money you can buy aged MCA leads for 5-7 cents each with no minimum order. These are not Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads of course. However, if you nave a sales team and you need a lot of data for them to call on to keep them busy then Aged MCA Leads are perfect for you! 

Disclaimer: Exclusive Cash Advance Leads are not guaranteed to convert. Every company has their own agents who have different sales skills. Each company has their own follow up systems that may yield different results. Companies have their own lenders where they can obtain approvals. Synergy Direct Solution LLC can in no way guarantee conversions or sales.

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Exclusive Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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