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MCA Leads

MCA Leads

Are you a lender or loan broker using MCA leads? Have you been trying to generate your own MCA Leads for your sales people? How many times have you purchased MCA Leads from a vender that didn’t even care if you got results?

Finding the right MCA Leads can be a daunting task. Therefore, you can spend a lot of time and money trying to find the right lead provider. In other words, bad leads can set you back. Look no further, you have come to the right place for high quality leads and a company that cares about the return on your investment.


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Real Time MCA Leads


Synergy Direct Solution LLC was established in 2010 as a marketing agency. Our core products included websites, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media design and management, click funnel marketing, Google Analytics, designs for logos, brochures, business cards, and flyers, email marketing, and search engine visibility through online directories. Synergy has thousands of clients covering all 50 states, we’re partners with Google, Yahoo, and Godaddy and Synergy has an A+ rating with the BBB.

After discovering a high demand for good leads in the business loan space we decided to specifically design and manage products for lenders and brokers. In 2015 we began using our extensive knowledge in marketing to generate high quality MCA leads. With our experience in marketing we generate cheap MCA leads and MCA live transfers so your cost will be lower. Our goal is simple, to be the most trusted lead provider for MCA Leads in the industry and to continue to evolve our product to maintain this benchmark.


Our MCA leads are double verified. We start by calling on merchant cash advance data, UCC lists, email responses, click funnel prospects and internet leads. Synergy owns more than a dozen lead generation websites. Furthermore, each website has a call to action. Additionally, we run massive email campaigns, pay per click advertising on all major search engines, direct mailers, and occasionally we use radio and TV broadcasting to generate interested borrowers.

In short, we have many different marketing techniques that we utilize to get good merchant cash advance leads. Once we have an interested borrower our agent confirms the lead details over the phone. On this call they confirm all of the information regarding the lead.


Merchant Cash Advance Leads can increase sales by 500%

  • Salutations
  • Establish funding needs
  • Dig deeper into why they need funding
  • Pre-qualifying questions
  • Obtain several contact numbers
  • Confirm the email address
  • Learn about existing loans and balances
  • Ask about the borrower’s credit score
  • Ask if their client’s pay using a credit card
  • Build rapport
  • Disclose a lender or broker will be calling
  • Best time is to reach the borrower
  • Recap the entire call in a summary


After the agent sets an appointment for a call back the lead details are sent to Quality Assurance for review. Quality Assurance reviews each lead using a proprietary critique system in order to ensure our MCA Leads are always of the highest quality.

These Quality Assurance agents do not make calls to borrowers. They do not get bonuses for submitting real time MCA leads. The agents are solely charged with the responsibility of ensuring quality MCA leads are the only MCA leads Synergy sends to our lenders and brokers.

The Quality Team reviews each call to ensure our agent didn’t set inappropriate expectations such as low interest rates, monthly payments, type of financial instrument (equipment finance, line of credit, loan, factoring, SBA), or anything of the sort.

Synergy understands that each lender or broker has their own set of financial options to offer and we want all of those options to be available to you when you pitch your offer.

MCA Live Transfers


Our MCA Leads are delivered via email. You can give us up to five different emails that you would like the real time cash advance leads to be sent to. These leads are emailed to you after Quality Assurance reviews the calls. Synergy is flexible when you are deciding how many leads you want to receive per day. Some lenders take fifty per day. Conversely, some brokers take only a few per day.

Integrity and open communication are main staples of our service. This is why our clients are so happy with our product and the results they get from our MCA Leads. We care about your bottom line. Therefore, we provide unique consulting for each client to help ensure they grow a profitable business. We have a list of recommended lenders that you can sign up with in order to fund more deals and make more commissions.

Synergy advises you on how to approach the call in order to start each call off with the authority position and leveraging the pre-established rapport. Finally, an MCA lead company that actually cares about what happens with their leads after they are sold!


  • Name
  • Business Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email
  • Requested Amount
  • Why do they want the funds?
  • What state are they located in?
  • What industry are they in?
  • How many loans do they have right now?
  • Balances of the loans they have now?
  • Owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  • How long have they been the owner?
  • Need money right away? Must answer yes!
  • $15,000+ per month? Must answer yes!
  • Do they process credit cards?
  • Credit score is right now?
  • Equity that can be used as collateral?
  • Issues getting approved in the last 30 days?
  • Best time to call back?


We understand that returns are going to happen and so we have built returns into our MCA leads system: You can return up to 25% of the purchased leads if the borrowers do not meet the minimum qualifications:

  • No longer interested
  • Already funded & no need now
  • Currently in a BK
  • Less than $15,000 per month
  • Phone number disconnected
  • Contact name not matching phone number
  • Credit is below 500
  • Less than 6 months in business
  • Personal bank statements
  • Borrower has defaulted previously

Our return policy is simple, if you have these issues we will replace a live transfer or an appointment lead. Just reply to the email you received with the lead details and tell us why you are requesting the return. All calls are recorded so we will investigate on our end. A lead will be added to your total right away. The investigation is for our own internal purposes and does not matter for your return to be credited or not.  Obviously this return policy is not valid for aged leads.


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