How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Many of our clients ask what the best way is to generate merchant cash advance leads. We talked to our clients about their marketing strategies to find out what’s working for some MCA brokers. They wanted to know how to generate merchant cash advance leads and what options they had. Some of our clients have been successful with UCC leads. Others have been successful with internet leads. Many clients prefer live transfer leads or appointments.

What we have determined is that your strategy has to fit with your company. For example, if you have 30 brokers in your office then your strategy will be different when compared to a one person broker business. We will summarize these strategies so you can learn how to generate merchant cash advance leads at a low price.

How To Generate MCA Leads

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Website Design 

The first thing about creating a website is that it should generate leads. What does this mean? Are you generating leads if you have a phone number on your website? Are you generating leads if you have your email address in the footer of your website? Is that good enough to generate business loan leads? Your website should have your phone number and email on every page of your website. It should be easy to locate. Once you’ve peeked someone’s interest they can connect with you. But that’s not enough.

In order to generate good MCA leads using your website you must have a contact form. You need forms on your site that ask for a name, phone number, email, etc. This is important because you now have a lead. You have ways to contact that lead. Let’s say that you have a phone number on your site and a potential client calls you. What happens if you don’t answer? What happens if they have a question about something and no notes are taken by the receptionist?

Is this how to generate merchant cash advance leads? No, this is not a real lead because you don’t have enough information about the potential client yet. By using online forms, free quote forms, free consultation forms, etc you will generate leads.

How To Generate MCA Leads

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Social Media

Everyone on the planet is using social media… seriously almost every single person on the planet uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. So it makes sense that you would find customers there, right? Yes you can and you should use these platforms to get leads. There are different ways to generate business loan leads on social media.

You should at least have a company profile for each of these platforms. Your company profile page should look like your website and be branded using your companies colors, graphics, etc. After you create your company profile you should start daily postings. Daily postings are going to let your potential customers know more about what you do and how you do it. These posts can also drive people to your website for more information. Lastly, you may be interested in boosting these posts by paying to advertise on these platforms.

Many of our clients have expressed concerns over these types of leads specifically with regard to qualifications. The bottom line is that you can’t filter by certain fields such as revenue and because of this you get a lot of leads that you can’t get approved. This is the same situation for lenders that buy MCA leads with applications.

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Pay Per Click 

Have you ever heard of Google Adwords? Google Adwords is referred to as search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is different than search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of designing a website so that it shows up in search results for the organic section. Search engine marketing is the process of designing advertising messages which show up above the organic section. The also show below the organic section. The bottom line is that search engine marketing (SEM) is pay per click advertising.

SEM works great for service businesses such as plumbers, chiropractors, and locksmiths. We do not recommend using Google Adwords to generate merchant cash advance leads. This is because the cost is far too high. Locksmith keywords cost about a one dollar per click so they can make a good profit. For MCA and business loan keywords it can cost $50 per click. Synergy does manage these campaigns but you will need a very large budget to advertise this way.

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Appointment Leads

Our clients wanted to know how to generate finance leads online with appointments. Appointment leads increase profitability and productivity. By generating appointment leads you can have a set calendar. You can book appointments for specific times. You can double book times in order to increase the chance that you are closing at that time. Some of our clients book times for a phone call while others book a time for a zoom meeting.

One thing to consider with appointment leads is your caller ID. You may have noticed your cell phone is blocking robotic calls and spam calls. If your phone isn’t blocking the call you probably see something pop up telling you the call is a spam call or a scam. Please make sure to check your caller ID because if this is happening to you then you are probably getting a lot of voicemails. This is a serious problem and you may need to get a new phone number.

How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Live Transfers

Most of our clients have switched their marketing strategy from UCC leads and cold calling to appointments and live transfers. They wanted to know how to generate merchant cash advance leads with live transfers. MCA live transfers are the best leads out there right now. The reason is simple, with a live transfer we connect you directly to the borrower. If the call doesn’t get connected and you are not speaking with a business owner that is looking for funding – you don’t pay for that lead. If the borrower doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications then you don’t pay for that lead. And if you collect bank statements and find out the business isn’t doing $15,000 or more per month… you guessed it – you don’t pay for that lead.




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How To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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