Merchant Cash Advance Leads







Our MCA leads are double verified. We start by calling on merchant cash advance data and UCC lists. We also have hundreds of lead generation websites that yield real time Internet Leads. Our agents confirm the lead details with a phone call. On this call they confirm that they are speaking to the owner of the company, that they are interested in obtaining financing for the business, they deposit at least $10,000 per month in their bank account, and that they need the money within 6 weeks. The agents also get the requested amount of funding and the reason they need the funds. Our agents confirm the email address and phone number during the phone verification as well. All of this info will be delivered to your email address in real time.



  •  Contact name
  •  Contact phone
  •  Contact email
  •  Requested amount
  •  Why do they want the funds?
  •  How many loans do they have right now?
  •  What are the balances of the loans?
  •  Are they the owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  •  How long have they been the owner?
  •  Do they need the money within 6 weeks? Must answer yes!
  •  Do they deposit $10,000 or more per month? Must answer yes!



All sales are final; however, a 10% refund for qualified return reasons will be allowed on all orders. Qualified reasons include not interested and/or bad phone numbers. The 10% allowance is one time and is for 10% of the total leads purchased. For example, if 100 leads are purchased then your allowance for returned leads is 10. In the case of returned leads the client will be given a new lead for each lead returned.



Aged Leads:

  • 3 – 120 Day Old MCA Leads are priced at $20 each
  • Receive a $1.00 per lead discount when ordering 100
    Receive a $3.00 per lead discount when ordering 200 or more
  • Minimum Order is 25 Leads

Real Time Leads:

  • $25 per Real Time Lead
  • Minimum Order is 25 Leads
  • Discount Pricing Available For Orders of 250 or more

We offer Exclusive, Semi-Exclusive, and Non Exclusive MCA Leads