Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads – Is Cold Calling Dead?

Are you a lender or loan broker using Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads? Have you tried to generate your own Merchant Cash Advance Leads for your sales people? How many times have you purchased MCA Leads from a vender that didn’t even care if you got results? Finally, what percentage of these leads closed?

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads are easy to find but which leads will work for you? There are UCC leads, trigger leads, equipment finance leads, factoring leads, line of credit leads, and that’s just the beginning. So how do you find the right leads and what makes these leads work? In this article we will discuss the different types of leads that you have available to you. Additionally, we will talk about Synergy Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads and why they’re so different compared to other lead companies in this industry. 

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Ruben Daley

The communication and customer service is second to none. I’ve purchased leads from many companies and Synergy Direct seems to be a better value than the others. I receive a good return on my investment and have ordered many times.

Bobby Kakesh

Working with Synergy Direct Solution has been great for the past few years! They have great live transfers along with appointment leads. I will continue using their services. Keep up the good work Guys!!

Versa Business Tips

This company is the best live transfer company I have ever come across and I have tried many!!

Nicole Smith

Working with Synergy Direct Solution is awesome. I am very happy with the leads they’re providing me. Leads quality is exemplary and flawless.I will definitely order again with Synergy Direct Solution. 100% Recommended. Great Job Guys!

Brad LabelleRose

Synergy helped me get my business back on track and flowing in a more profitable direction again. I can’t thank you enough for this! I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about their business succeeding.

Paul Vox

Synergy helped me by providing quality leads. We have been using their appointment leads for several months now and I’ve closed more loans with Synergy leads than any other source. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’ve got a client for life!

George Rodriguez

I bought live transfers from Synergy and I was skeptical at first. I’ve wasted a ton of time and money on bad lead companies. However, on my first order of live transfers I closed an MCA for $200,000!!! Cha-ching!!! Never going anywhere else. They replace leads and their support is amazing. Try them yourself and you’ll see. 

Angie Pennington

I think that Synergy does a great job. When I call to ask questions about my account I am always able to reach a live person! Unlike these companies now that make you talk to a robot all the time. Great knowledge and very helpful with the guys at Synergy! I love their business loan leads and wold recommend them to anyone in the loan or MCA industry. 

Jimmy Simpson

Synergy built me a website and they drive traffic. I get appointment leads and live transfers. All I can say is FINALLY, I found a good company for leads and marketing. I spent far too much money on bad leads. Because Synergy has no minimum orders they earned my business. But it was their quality that keeps me coming back!

Edward Desmondo

I Absolutely LOVE Synergy’s live transfers! They connect me to a live borrower who is looking for funding. Before the transfer the agent qualifies the lead and preps them for the call. Seriously the best leads I’ve ever bought and I am staying with Synergy for the long hall!

Scott Cunningham

I don’t normally leave reviews but Kyle at Synergy has gone way beyond expectations! Mr. Readdick helped me with lenders, the funding application, and a script. I received information and education BEFORE I bought leads. I would recommend him to anyone that is trying to break into the industry!








Typically, sales people cold call. However, people in finance hate to cold call. We understand why they hate calling on cold Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads. Cold calling began to die when internet marketing started in 1994. For instance, our internet marketing approach allows people to find you and your services. Conversely, cold calling is searching for people who may be interested in your services. Consequently, Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads generated using internet marketing are more engaged and more interested in what you have. 

Business Owners Didn't Want To Evolve 

This was a challenge for many business owners. They were not familiar with the internet yet. We get it, things change and it's easy to ignore these changes. Especially, if your business is doing fine. Why would you want to change anything? Furthermore, cold calling was the only thing they've known and had success with. Therefore, many business owners struggled to get online. They fought using internet marketing and adapting to new strategies. In conclusion, these businesses continue cold calling today. 

To clarify, we're not saying cold calling is completely dead. It's just a lot harder to be successful. In the past you needed a lead sheet and a phone to get sales. If you were successful it was due to your effort. Similarly, if you failed it was due to your effort. It was easy to manage people under these conditions. But now, it's important to have a comprehensive strategy. This should include cold calling but not be the only method for lead generation.

Now there are websites, search engines and cell phones. You can advertise on apps, banners, and email blasts. Most importantly, these new strategies get customers to find you when they are looking for you. Technology has changed everything! In other words, "the times they are a changin."

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - The Synergy Way

Synergy has the best Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads. Our real time Merchant Cash Advance Leads are phone verified where we qualify the leads. Above all, we manage everything for you. We make it easy for you to close deals. Below we will discuss what makes us different compared to our competition in more detail.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - The Internet

How do we generate Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads? In short, we do our own marketing. We are experts in marketing! It's our job to be in the know. Therefore, it's our job to understand how Google's algorithm works and how to use it to our advantage. It's our job to understand H1 tags, keyword density, reading ease scores, and other SEO features. We have a team that builds our email content. Synergy hired a programmer to develop the platform so it saves money and keeps our cost down. 

This is not something other lead companies want to do. They'd prefer to buy Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads and resell leads. It's really easy to do and it's low risk. When you're looking for aged merchant cash advance lead companies you need to ask about their internet marketing experience. In other words, if they don't do internet marketing they must be reselling another companies leads. They just mark them up for a big profit! In addition, how do you know you have any exclusivity at all? If they buy leads from someone else... who did that someone else sell these leads to? You really don't know. 

As a compliment to internet marketing, Synergy runs email campaigns. These email campaigns are sent from dozens of unique email addresses. Most importantly, the emails are industry specific. We know which industries need money right now. Similarly, we know which one's can get approved. Synergy targets the right companies so you can close more business loans.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - Email Marketing 

Online marketers use business to business data for email marketing. Email marketing can be very challenging but we have some tips that might help:

      1. Write A Good Subject - A good subject line will get people to open your email and read your content. Conversely, A bad subject line will get marked as spam and never reach your target audience. 
      2. Preview Text - This is the text that tells subscribers what your email is about. In other words, this should be clear and should be working correctly. 
      3. Write Like A Blogger - Whether you're writing website content or email content it needs to be well written. Therefore, you should keep paragraphs short, follow a structure, and include images where appropriate. 
      4. Don't get Spammy - Avoid using all capitals and extra punctuation.  
      5. Be Specific - Your email should not be about everything your company can do, the history of your business, and a competitive analysis showing why your the best. Above all, you should have one idea per message and keep it tight. 
      6. Get Personal - To generate Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads you'll need to use first names in your email. Your email should include custom fields to personalize the message. The company name should drop into the message. Any personal info that you have and makes sense should be added to your message. 
      7. Tracking, Tracking, Tracking - To be successful with internet marketing you need to test different templates. You should track how each one does. Investigate why and then test other messages that have similarities. 

Free MCA Leads

Our Internet Marketing Blended Strategy

You have to understand that cold calling is not what it used to be. The days of smiling and dialing are never going to be the same. Conversely, Internet marketing is on the rise! When the internet went public internet marketing changed the landscape.

In 1994 the first internet marketing campaigns were launched. Business owners began to see the benefits of internet marketing and slowly changed their game plan. In other words, companies had to evolve or they would certainly die.

Synergy has mastered a blend of cold calling and internet marketing. We generate Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads every day. Similarly we purchase lists from the best subscribers and scrape the internet for other types of leads. 

We've developed quality business loan leads and marketing for lenders. Could your Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads be better? You can save money getting business to business data. However, like I said earlier you'll need another tactic.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - Google Adwords

We're masters in Google Adwords! Synergy has been managing Adwords campaigns for more than 20 years. Google Adwords allows you to select your keywords and your target market. Finally, you can build your own advertising messages that attract Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads. In summary, these messages appear in the form of ads on the first page of Google.








Many people try Google Adwords and fail. They don't understand what a click through rate is. People who don't understand quality score, destination URLs, and call extension should not be managing Adwords campaigns. Google makes it easy for anyone to create an account. Of course, Google wants everyone to sign up and spend money. However, to master Google Adwords it has to be a large part of your everyday life. 

In summary, Google Adwords is the most targeted marketing program ever invented!

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - SEO

We also build websites to drive organic traffic. SEO is known as search engine optimization. SEO allows customers to find your website on search engines. You choose your keywords and your target market. Therefore, the higher your SEO rank the higher your website appears in search results. The difference between SEO and Google Adwords is very simple. Google Adwords is pay per click advertising. SEO is organic traffic where you do not pay Google. 

This program takes some time to get traction. But it's worth it! Search engine optimization is the best marketing program because it can drive traffic to your site without paying for clicks. This organic traffic can get you lots of new clients.

Why are Synergy leads so good? It's simple. We understand internet marketing. Internet marketing gets results. in Conclusion, we generate our own business loan leads. Lastly, we don't oversell Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads.


Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - Previously Interested Leads That Really Work For Marketing!

Clients want to know how to generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads? We own more than a dozen online properties. Online properties are websites for different niche markets. We use these websites to generate MCA leads. For instance, when a prospect goes on Google they may search for a business loan. They may click on an ad which takes them to a website. That might be one of our websites. 

Similarly, if someone opens an email about a business loan that might be our email. A prospect might get a text message on their cell phone asking if they need working capital and that might be us. We have several strategies that work together to generate leads.

Google Adwords is a program where you can get your website listed on Google. It's the most targeted marketing strategy ever invented. You can select the keywords, the budget, and your target market. You only pay when someone searches for you keywords and clicks on your ad. In other words, this means they landed on your website. The only people that see your ad are in your target market. Crazy right?

Why are Synergy Merchant Cash Advance Leads so good? It's simple. We understand internet marketing. Therefore, we generate our own leads. Finally, we don't oversell the leads.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads - Beware of Bad Companies Selling Trash Leads

Now that we've told you about the different ways people can generate leads in the MCA industry we want to give you some things to watch out for. For instance, you might run into a company selling submissions, lender declines, funded & renewed borrowers, and other leads like this. We can PERSONALLY ATTEST, these are lies. These companies selling leads like this are not getting anyone to renew with them. The reason is very simple, they use false advertising to get you to buy. Not only that, because their lies are so attractive to brokers... they charge more for their leads. 

So once you buy fro them what happens next? Well, it continues to test your nerves. They lie and tell you they will be all over you checking in and handling any issues. But that's complete BS. Again, we know because we've tested their leads and done a competitive analysis. The results were absolutely invisible although the price for these leads was astronomical.  









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Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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Disclaimer: Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads are not guaranteed to convert. Every company has their own agents who have different sales skills. Each company has their own follow up systems that may yield different results. Companies have their own lenders where they can obtain approvals. Synergy Direct Solution LLC can in no way guarantee conversions or sales.



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