Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads

Business Loan leads

Pre-Qualified Business Loan Leads

Business Loan Leads

Synergy Has Business Loan Leads!

Custom Strategies

Are you looking for pre-qualified business loan leads? Synergy has been managing marketing campaigns since 2010. Some clients get pre qualified business loan leads to use for text messaging and email marketing. Other clients get unsecured business loan leads with appointments. Some clients prefer MCA live transfers. No two businesses are the same and that is why we develop CUSTOM strategies for lenders.

Synergy Makes It Easy

As a lender you are far too busy dealing with training, collecting paperwork, and chasing down borrowers to sign loan docs. Our business loan lead system is designed to make it easy so you can concentrate on your daily tasks. We send aged business loan leads and aged live transfers via email with an attached CSV file. If you order appointments or live transfers you will receive an email for each individual lead.

Why Synergy?

Synergy was started in 2010 as an internet marketing company. We specialize in website design, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. In 2010 we did not sell leads but focused on custom internet strategies for all businesses instead. Synergy currently has thousands of clients using our internet marketing. We saw how big the business loan industry was getting and decided to become a lead vendor. MCA was clearly becoming the new gold rush and we wanted to get involved. Most of the lead companies were sub par. Most were fly by night companies that were here today and gone tomorrow. Many were operating overseas with a total  disregard for ethics. 








Our Motto is simple… if we help people get what they want then we should get what we want. We should all win!

Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads

Pricing For Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads?

  • Basic Website – $199 & $49 / month
  • SEO Website – $999 & $299 / month
  • Social Media – $199 & $49 / month
  • Google Adwords – $199 & $99 / month
  • Aged Leads – 5 – 7 cents per record w/ no minimum order
  • Hosted Predictive Dialer – $100 per seat / month
  • Aged Live Transfers – $3-5 per lead w/ no minimum order
  • Appointment Leads – $15-$20 each w/ no minimum order
  • Live Transfers – $40-$50 per lead w/ no minimum order
  • Virtual Agents – $9 per hour – 25 hour weekly minimum

How Qualified Are These Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads?

Synergy has minimum qualifications for each business loan lead. Our leads must meet the following criteria in order to be qualified:

  • 500+ FICO
  • 6 Months + in Business
  • Active Business & Active Bank Account
  • $15,000+ Monthly Revenue
  • Interested in Funding Now
  • Serious Intent
  • No BK, Defaults, or Judgements

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Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads Details

Our pre qualified business loan leads are double verified. We call business loan data, UCC leads, aged leads, click funnel leads, email prospects and internet leads. Additionally, we have one hundred lead websites that are highly responsive.

Business Loan Leads can increase sales by 500%We run email campaigns as well as pay per click advertising on all major search engines. During promotional periods we run television commercials, radio broadcasting, and direct mail campaign to generate more leads. Synergy uses many marketing programs to generate leads.  Approximately 50% of our unsecured business loan leads are from inbound calls.

Our agents confirm the lead details over the phone. They confirm all of the information that is listed below. Our sales agents are highly trained. We train to build rapport, convert cold calls, create hot buttons, and set solid appointments. The lead details are sent to our quality control team. QC reviews each business loan lead before they are approved. They use a critique system in order to ensure our pre qualified business loan leads are always the best. You may want to consider trying our bank loan turndown leads.

Pre Qualified Business Loan Leads

Business Loan Lead Fields?

  • Name
  • Business Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email
  • Requested Amount
  • Why do they want the funds?
  • What state are they located in?
  • What industry are they in?
  • How many loans now?
  • Balances of the loans they have now?
  • Owner of the business? Must answer yes!
  • How long have they been the owner?
  • Need the money right away? Must answer yes!
  • Deposit $15,000 or more per month? Must answer yes!
  • Do they process credit cards?
  • What is their credit score?
  • Do they have any equity?
  • Issues getting approved within the last 30 days?
  • Best time for the lender or broker to call you back?

Bad Lead – What Can I Do?

We understand that returns are going to happen. So we built in returns: You can return up to 25% of the leads if they do not meet the minimum qualifications:

  • No longer interested
  • Already funded & no need now
  • No BK, judgement, or default
  • $15,000 per month
  • Contact name not matching phone number
  • 500+ FICO
  • 6 months+ in business
  • Personal bank statement Statements

Our return policy is simple, if you have these issues we will replace a real time lead or live transfer. Just reply to the email you received for this lead and tell us why you are requesting a return. All of our calls are recorded so we will investigate on our end. A lead will be added to your total right away. The investigation is for our own internal purposes. You can return up to 25% of your total leads purchased with any order. Obviously this return policy is not valid for aged leads.

Why Are Leads So Bad From Other Places?

This is a good question and it all depends on the vendor. Some lead vendors sell their database as many times as they can. These leads are beat up and over-contacted. If you are calling leads and the borrower says not interested, don’t call me again, I’ve already been funded, or anything like that… the leads are probably oversold.








Many business loan lead providers are selling UCC data. UCC data is filed with the secretary of state when a loan is dispersed to a small business. Some lenders may choose to file the UCC immediately and others may only file the UCC if the borrower misses payments. These UCC leads were a staple for every lender in the past. Now these leads are all over contacted. UCC business loan leads are probably the worst leads you can buy.

Does Synergy Sell Aged Leads?

Aged leads can be a great alternative to UCC leads. Aged MCA leads are best when you have a larger number of agents. Often you have an automatic dialer. With an auto dialer one agent can make hundreds of calls per day. With aged pre qualified business loan leads you are calling businesses that inquired about a business loan. They already understand the process. This should make it easier to get a package submitted.

B2B Data

If your agents call using Info USA leads, Sales Genie data or the Yellowpages you can expect to get a lot of cold leads. Many owners wont want any money, won’t be interested, and won’t even take your call. You will find pre qualified business loan leads are much harder to close this way. If your typical agent works eight hours per day and makes forty calls per hour they can make 320 calls per day. Of the 320 calls they will probably get 1% that “might be” interested in taking a loan. So, after pounding the phones all day your agent finds three people who “might be” interested. Here’s the issue, once the borrower sends in the bank statements and finds out it is a short term MCA they are “not going to be interested.”

Aged Business Loan Leads

With aged leads you can expect to make fewer calls and generate more pre qualified business loan leads per day. Let’s just imagine that your agent still makes 320 calls using the auto dialer. Now rather than getting 1% interest you can get 5-10% interest. Now that same rep can generate 15-30 business loan leads with the same effort. Realistically… the talk time will go up, the number of calls will go down, but you get the point here. Your agent be more productive and they will enjoy the job as they will be talking to people who want to talk to them.

Finally, once the borrower sends in their paperwork and gets an offer they won’t be shocked when they see a merchant cash advance offer! Aged pre qualified business loan leads can seriously increase your profitability. Compared to cold calling on strictly business data… pre qualified business loan leads can take your company to another level!


Disclaimer: Business Loan Leads are not guaranteed to convert. Every company has their own agents who have different sales skills. Each company has their own follow up systems that may yield different results. Companies have their own lenders where they can obtain approvals. Synergy Direct Solution LLC can in no way guarantee conversions or sales.

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