MCA Leads With Applications

MCA Leads With Applications

There are companies selling MCA leads with applications. You may have seen these companies on or LinkedIn. These companies are almost exclusively located overseas. We won’t mention names here because that’s not our style. However, when we decided to get into this industry in 2011 we promised to help our clients.

How does Synergy help their clients? Firstly we care about explaining what we offer and how it should work with each client. We don’t just sell someone on something like MCA leads with applications. Of course these leads sound great!

The reality is that almost all of these MCA leads are going to be a waste of time. Ask yourself a simple question. Ask yourself why someone or a company would sell a complete submission? A submission being 3 or 4 months bank statements and an application. Why would you do that?

LeadsLeads With Applications Scam

The reason is pretty simple. The reason is there is no value to that lead. A lead is valuable if you can make money. A lead is more valuable if you can make a lot of money. In this business you make money based on a percentage of the loan amount. If a company is selling MCA leads with applications they don’t see any reason to work it themselves. They are also selling this appointment to whomever they want. They’re selling it as many times as they want. Lenders close far more loans with exclusive MCA leads.

Synergy has asked their clients if they have any experience buying MCA leads with applications. They’ve told us the experience has been horrible. We’ve heard cases where 80% of the leads have been defaults. This is the same issue for MCA leads with bank statements. These borrowers were already defaulting on another advance. Now it makes sense why these companies would sell MCA leads with applications. They’re trying to make something on a dead lead. Do you want to help someone else make their money back on dead leads?


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MCA Leads With Applications





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