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As a Web Design Agency, Synergy offers many types of services. Would a banner design make your website look cleaner? Website visitors see your graphics and understand what you are offering. They see these images far before they read the content on your site.

You should have a graphic image separating each block of one hundred words on your site. A Banner design can attract your website visitors. These images can get them to the next step. If the next step is a call to action you’ll convert more leads.

We can help you with the perfect banner design for your site. You can choose the color scheme, font and the graphic plan. We normally get your first draft done within forty-eight hours of your purchase. If you need to request an edit we will do a second draft of the images. After three revisions you will have to choose an option from one of the three batches.

Types of Graphic Design 

Synergy offers many types of banner design. You may need visual identity graphics. Some of our clients need marketing and/or advertising graphics. Others want our help with user interface graphics. Publication graphics have been requested for our SEO clients.  Packaging graphics are common for clients that sell a product.  There are motion graphic designs, environmental graphics, and art or illustration graphics.

Let’s break these down. Hopefully you’ll understand how a banner design can be different and how they can help your business:

Visual Identity Graphics – These graphics are the face of your organization. A banner design is your brand’s identity. The overall personality of your business is reflected in the design. Your logo is the best example of this type of graphic.

Marketing and/or Advertising Graphics – A banner design is designed to catch attention. We want to catch your client’s attention during the decision making process. Examples of these graphics are post cards, flyers, and brochures.

User Interface Graphics – These graphics assist in user processes. These graphics make interfaces more user friendly. Website designs and app designs are good examples of this.

Publication Graphics – These graphics are used in publications of books, magazines and newspapers.

Packaging Graphics – These graphics help sell your product by attracting buyers with graphics on your product label.

Motion Graphic Design – These graphics are graphics in motion. Examples include trailers, promo videos, GIFs and banner designs that move.

Environmental Graphics – These graphics visually connect people to places. Examples of these banners include signage, wall murals, retail store interiors, and conference designs.

Art and/or Illustration Graphics – These graphics are original artwork. Some examples are T-shirt designs, video games, and comic books.

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