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Internet Leads & Landing Pages

Internet Leads are generated using online forms from different websites and landing pages. Synergy Direct Solution has hundreds of lead generation websites. We drive traffic to these websites using several internet marketing techniques. 

These websites have different domain names (URLs) and have different email addresses. These online properties are the foundation for creating internet leads.  Each website is a unique property that is a stand alone marketing solution. For instance, each website has a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram account. Additionally, each one of these programs has Google Adwords, search engine optimization, and an email marketing campaign.


Each of our websites has a different look and feel. They have a specific brand type. In the business loan industry we generate many leads. Some internet leads come from a website that specializes in nationwide campaigns.

This website explains that there are no state restrictions. Other properties focus on getting businesses funded faster than the competition. Some sites have no industry restrictions while others focus on terms and underwriting criteria. We even have websites for specific vertical markets that we know are good for the MCA industry. 

Internet Leads & Email Marketing 

Synergy sends out approximately 100,000 emails per day. We have different email addresses for each property. The goal is to drive potential borrowers to the best content for them.  Next potential clients are asked to complete an online form. This is how an internet lead is generated.

We also drive traffic to these properties through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Buying internet leads is a good way to keep your sales people busy. Closing deals and opening new relationship should account for 80% of their time.

Internet Leads

Internet Leads vs Other Leads

What leads are best for your business? If you have a call center of more than three agents you probably need a combination of leads. Firstly, we recommend having affordable aged leads and to give your sales people plenty of records to chase down. This strategy usually requires a dialer solution so your agents can make between 300-500 calls per day.

This is really a decision for the owner of your business regarding the sales process. If you don’t have sales people or you want your sales people to talk with qualified leads ONLY… you probably want appointment leads or live transfers leads.

These leads have been pre screened by our team over the phone. They have an established interest. They’ve also passed through the minimum qualifications.

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Internet Leads

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