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Synergy Website Examples:

Synergy offers customizable website examples for any small business owner. As a Web Design Agency, we service more than 25 different industries. We’ve worked with these industries in the past and we can help you too! Our base website package is more than enough for most businesses. This package has basic SEO features and will have no limit to the number of pages and content. Every Synergy website has lead generation tools. The website is launched with default content provided by us. This includes a logo and other graphics.

We also offer full blown SEO website examples. These websites are designed to rank higher in search engines. Synergy can help you find a website that will work for you regardless of your budget.  We make buying website examples easy!

Affordable Website Design:

Many of our clients are just getting into internet marketing. They’re not ready to pay for a search engine optimized website. We understand and this is why we offer several choices. The first package is our base website design package. It includes website examples from our available themes. We can create your logo and any graphic designs needed for the website. There is no limitation on the number of webpages or content. We provide default content in case you don’t have the time to make changes right away. This website comes ready to go right out of the box. The price is the best part!

One Time Setup Fee – $499

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance Fee – $49

Commitment – 12 Months

Search Engine Optimized Website Design:

Some of our client are ready for the high end website design package. This package includes much more and is more expensive. So what do you get with our SEO website examples package? You get a professional that understands and evaluates the following:

  • We make sure your website loads fast. Website load speed can be very important for SEO.
  • Keyword analysis is another factor for SEO that we take seriously.
  • Your website needs to have a mobile website plugin for SEO to truly be effective.
  • Back-linking can either hurt your SEO (black hat) or it can help (white hat)
  • The way Google is looking at linked text is changing so it’s important to understand what changes Google is making and why.
  • Links can be internal, outbound, or inbound. Each has its reason for being important for SEO.
  • Having a sitemap and making sure that you have Google crawl your website after making changes is critical to SEO.
  • There are several technical items to review. keyword density, number of words on each page and meta descriptions are factors.
  • SEO title tags and the readability of the content are also factors.
  • Content is king. This truly makes the SEO for your website effective.
  • Google analytics can keep you informed about your site.

One Time Setup Fee – $1,999

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance Fee – $499

Commitment – 12 Months

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Website Examples