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Are you on Facebook? Do you at least use Facebook for your business? Have you heard of other people that are using a Facebook example? At Synergy we understand that many of you fought to stay away from Facebook. But the reality is that it’s time to start checking it out. As a Web Design Agency we have an obligation to help you get found online. 

Social Media advertising is a very big deal now. It is crucial that you have a Facebook example, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile if you are serious about your business.Facebook Design should look and feel like an extension of your own website. This means it should be the same colors and fonts and graphic designs. The end user should almost feel like they are still on your website if they leave and go to your social media pages.

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Some of our client have asked how a Facebook example can help their business? The answer is many things. On this page we will explain what a Facebook page is and how it can help a business.

Grow Your Business

The first thing that a business Facebook  example account can do is grow your business. You can grow your business by selling products or services through Facebook. Facebook has resources that can help you sell more. Facebook also has a free online business guide. Another benefit to Facebook is their recommendations. They will make recommendations to help you grow your business on the platform.

Build A Store

With a Facebook example you can build a store. You start by setting up your store. After creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers you can build on it. Next you can add products to your shopping catalog. Finally you can create posts about your products or services. These posts can link to your website for further details or they can link to a shopping cart for the impulse buy.

Connect With Customers

Now that you have a company profile setup you can start advertising. Advertising with a Facebook example page is simple. You can start with Whatsapp Business. This allows you to connect with your customers over Whatsapp to help them buy the right product.  Next you can setup instant replies to help make communication easier even if you’re busy. Lastly, connect your Facebook pixel. The pixel connects your website and Facebook to help you learn which customers are more likely to buy.


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Facebook Example

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