Spokesperson Videos

Spokesperson Videos

Do you need a professional spokesperson that can speak to the camera for your business? Would having a professional commercial help attract website visitors? Google and other search engines are giving a lot of credit to websites that utilize videos. As a Web Design Agency Synergy has expanded its services to include videos and video SEO. 

Having a professional commercial or spokesperson video can help your sites search engine optimization as well as make it easy for your visitors to understand what you are offering.

Synergy Direct Solution LLC offers professional commercials and spokesperson videos. All we need from you is to write out the script.

Example Spokesperson Video 

YouTube video

You can choose videos in English or Spanish. You can choose the actor or actress. You can choose the background for your commercials. Our professional actors and actresses will produce an engaging video that will impress your website visitors and they will represent your company in a very professional way.

All Spokesperson Videos Include

  • 1 filming session
  • 50 word minimum in English or Spanish
  • 1 Office Background & Logo
  • 1080 HD | MP4
  • Professional Studio, Audio & Lighting

Spokesperson Video Upgrades

  • Background Music
  • Overlay Text
  • Custom Outfit

Spokesperson Video Revision Policy

Filming revisions are not available for spokesperson videos – unless we made a mistake.

Reshoots on spokesperson videos will have to be paid for.

Revisions in spokesperson videos packages are editing revisions ONLY.

Customer must provide pronunciation for odd words and give desired tone & gestures IN ADVANCE.

Spokesperson Video Pricing

Basic Plan | 50 Words | $250

Standard Plan | 150 Words | $350

Premium Plan | 250 Words | $499

Spokesperson Video Disclaimer

No scams, testimonials, fake reviews, false claims, adult content, gambling, drugs or medications. Some videos may take longer than others to create. We will have your spokesperson video completed within 10 days at the maximum.

Interested in have us create you a personal commercial or spokesperson video?

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