How We Compare

How We Compare

How We Compare 

Do you want to see how we compare before getting Google Adwords? You should review this graphic that compares Synergy with several other companies. Google Adwords is also referred to as search engine marketing or SEM. Other people may call it pay-per-click advertising. This is a great program because it ranks your website on the first page of Google. You only show up for keywords related to your business. You only pay for the clicks that you receive. Only people in your target market can see your ads. It’s a complete no brainer! Synergy has a full compliment of services and we are a true Web Design Agency.

How We Compare – Synergy Is Transparent

Transparency is one way we beat our competitors. We have a palms up approach. This means that we are transparent. With Synergy, Google sends you reports. Google bills you for the traffic to your website. Other companies provide their own reports. If they provide their own reports they can alter them. How do you know these reports are trustworthy? Other companies charge you for the traffic and the clicks. These companies pays Google so for your traffic but how much are they paying? Would you rather have a company with a transparent approach or one that hides things from you?

How We Compare – Synergy Works With Smaller Budgets

We can work with any budget because we have a palms up approach. We have clients spending $100 per month. We have clients spending $10,000 per month. Our competitors only work with larger budgets because they don’t offer honest programs. They don’t want you to know how affordable it is. They want you to think it’s very expensive. This is how they mark up their profits.

How We Compare – Synergy Is A One Stop Shop

Synergy can manage your entire marketing campaign. We can build your website. We can create a logo and custom graphics for your website.  We can get your website ranked. We optimize your website for the search engines. We can manage your Google Adwords campaign. We can help you with email marketing and social media. Our competition doesn’t offer everything we do. They can’t do everything. They are a one trick pony! We are a full service internet marketing company. This is why you should work with us.

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