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target market

What Is A Target Market?

Synergy can focus on any size target market. We will work with you to determine how big your target market is.  Whether it is a 10 mile radius or worldwide we are the right company to help you achieve maximum exposure. It’s important to understand that you doesn’t want to waste money or time dealing with people who you can’t help. If your business is local you wouldn’t want to get calls from people on the other side of the country. If you only work with women than you wouldn’t want to advertise to men. If you sell auto parts you don’t want people showing up to purchase a whole car. It’s really important to have an accurate target market so that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Why wouldn’t I want to sell worldwide? We hear this question a lot from our clients. The reason you may not want to advertise worldwide is cost. To advertise in a normal size city in the United States you may need a $100 monthly budget. To advertise in an entire state in the US you may need $500 per month. Advertising for a nationwide campaign could be $10,000 per month. Worldwide campaigns could be millions of dollars per month. What are you comfortable spending too attract your customers? Do you think you would close a higher percentage of clients if they were local?

How Can Synergy Help Me With My Target Market?

Synergy Direct Solution has been helping our customer with their target market since 2010. How we do this is really cool. If we build you a website it is going to be important to know your cities, zip codes, and states that you do business in. The reason this is important for websites is your search engine optimization. One big thing that we do is we make sure you have a page for each location and each service. For example, lets say you’re a locksmith and you do business in California. You would need a “California Locksmith” page on your website. The name of the page would be “California Locksmith” and the content would be relative to how you help people in California. The same is true for each city, zip code and state.

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